24hr Junk & Construction Waste Disposal

Construction projects often leave a ton of rubble and debris to clean up, and this usually isn’t the kind of thing you can haul in one trip. Unless, of course, you hire a professional junk removal contractor like 24hr Junk. If you are staring at piles of concrete, wood, steel, and drywall from your recent remodelling or renovation job, it might be a good idea to give us a call. These materials can be extremely heavy and time-consuming to transport, and usually need a tractor trailer or heavy duty truck to haul efficiently. This is one exception to the you should always clean up your own mess rule, and why thousands of home and business owners have relied on 24hr Junk to safely dispose of their construction waste. Our crew is happy to get their hands dirty, and can have that debris off your property right before your eyes. Whether you are working on a one-time job or an ongoing project, 24hr Junk has the crew, resources, and equipment to get it done right the first time. We perform interior and exterior construction clean-up for hundreds of our residential and commercial customers in Vancouver every year. We will gladly take: Drywall, Concrete, Sheetrock, Windows, Doors, Shingles, Flooring, Plasterboard, Corrugated Iron, Walls, Tiles, Brick. To us, debris is debris. Not only will we haul away these materials (and more), we’ll also make sure they are transported to the proper facility. That could be a charity that donates reusable doors, windows, floors, and other materials, a recycling center, or the landfill. Our goal is to keep as much stuff out of the dump as we can, which is why over 60% of the junk we haul is reused and repurposed. 24hr Junk is adamant in protecting the environment, and we believe in taking it upon ourselves to promote eco-friendly action as much as possible. Give us a call at (604)330-6915 or email us or download our app. Confirm the day and time you need us at your home, office, or job site, and our crew will call upon arrival. Once the team arrives, they will do a quick assessment of what needs to be done, then provide you a free estimate. After agreeing, they will waste no time removing your construction debris. If there is anything else you need to get rid of (e.g. old appliances, furniture, mattresses, etc.), don’t hesitate to let them know. We want to make sure everything you want gone is gone by the time we leave!