3 situations when you should call 24HR Junk

The last year has been filled with plenty of lessons—to never take a hug for granted and that an organized and tidy home environment can bring you inner peace.The pandemic has provided many people with the perfect opportunity to move into a new neighbourhood, downsize their office, or declutter their current space. But it’s important to remember that improperly disposing of junk is bad for the environment and can also result in fines. This is why 24HR Junk is available to residents of Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland around the clock. 24HR Junk is a Black-owned business founded by two young entrepreneurs with the goal of fostering inclusivity while giving back to the community. The junk removal company safely disposes of unwanted electronics, furniture, appliances, scrap metal, yard waste, and leftover construction materials. By enlisting the help of 24HR Junk’s professional team, you’ll avoid suffering a painful back injury and spending the whole weekend at the Vancouver Landfill. Spring cleaning and decluttering Spring goes hand-in-hand with warmer weather, the budding of flowers, and a deep clean of your entire home. A thorough cleaning should include washing the walls and floors, scrubbing kitchen appliances, dusting baseboards, and purging all of the knick-knacks that you no longer use. Whether you’re getting rid of electronics or other household objects, 24HR Junk can pick up your unwanted items that same day. After transporting the junk back to their headquarters, the team will sort through the haul to see if anything can be donated or recycled. Moving from your apartment or home When starting over in a new home or apartment, filling the fresh and airy space with useless junk will make anyone feel anxious. But moving can be stressful and finding the time to host a garage sale or to sort through items for donation might feel impossible. The hardworking junk removal team can pick up any discarded objects curbside at a time that is convenient for you. In order to keep everyone safe during the pandemic, all employees wear masks and gloves. The interior of trucks and tools are also sanitized before and after every job. 24HR JUNK Home improvement and remodeling If you’ve been feeling inspired by the home improvement shows on HGTV Canada, consider this a sign to start your remodelling project. The optimal time to begin is during the spring and summer months as the weather is dry. Warmer temperatures are ideal when it comes to painting the interior and exterior of your place. Those planning an upcoming remodel should start by developing a plan and a budget, contacting contractors, and removing any unwanted furniture or appliances. Follow 24HR Junk on Instagram and Facebook or download its app available at the Apple Store. The junk removal company also offers tips on cleaning and home improvement, and runs monthly contests through its social media and website. For a free estimate, email 24hrjunk@gmail.com or call 1-604-369-0692.