Being the Founder of a Small Business

It started out just two kids having fun. We didn’t know if we were gonna go left, right, up, down, forward, back. We are just trying things out winning or failing. My boy and I, started doing music, putting on shows. Parties! trying to make money off parties in our studio spaces. That was a success! We wanted to do more of that. And because I’m in the music and he’s in the business side of things and we just love the culture of what we were doing, he was like “let’s get our own studio”. I let go of my apartment and I lived in the studio. Got a sick studio renovated and made money out of it. Genius idea, great sacrifice. We got engineers, studio sessions, parties, memories. It was an incredible time. As we got older we thought “Damn we never sleep!” we wanted to still make money. While we are up what could we do not in the music industry? Whats recession proof? One day we were driving around and realized GARBAGE! JUNK REMOVAL! We started working on names and came up with the best name. What are we? we are up 24 hours, let’s do this 24 hours, everything we do is 24 hours. We go after junk 24 hours a day…. 24hr Junk. We loved the ring to it and just tried it! We knew we had something. 24hr Junk runs 24 hours 7 days a week helping the community reclaim their space! We offer 10% senior discounts and 10% off curbside pick up! Our 24/7 operation allows us to serve you from regular moving jobs, to emergency situations. No job is to big or to small! We are always happy to help! (604)330-6915.