Business owner gets 1 year sentence for dumping industrial waste into Flint’s sewer system

I think the sentence was a little light for the years of abuse he has put into our environment,” said Flint mayor Sheldon Neeley. Prosecutors claim Robert Massey illegally dumped the waste for nearly 10 years. Neeley said he’s tired of his community becoming a dumping ground for environmental lawbreakers. “We won’t know what happens in the long-term effects of his failures for a very long time,” Neeley said. At the center of the controversy is Oil Chem. Inc., a specialty lubrication manufacturer. According to its website, Oil Chem. “firmly believes” they are “obligated to care for the environment.” Federal prosecutors said Oil Chem Inc. accepted tanker truckloads of landfill leachate from different landfills. Court documents claim Massey directed Oil Chem employees to discharge the leachate at the close of each business day, which allowed the waste to flow from a storage tank to the sewer system. At least one of the landfills contained PCBs, which are known to be hazardous to human health. “Bottom line is they discovered they cause cancer,” said Bill Topolski, with Brighton Analytical. “There is no treatment for PCBs. They are a forever chemical.” Neeley is concerned the effects of Massey’s crime will last longer than his sentence. “This went on for the better part of a decade before he was stopped,” Neeley said. “But definitely, the crime he has committed will go on for a long time until we can remediate this in our environment.”