Eco Friendly Junk Removal

The planet is aging, and our actions deteriorate it rapidly.

Society is advancing at an impossibly fast rate. We’re consuming more products and materials than ever, which means we’re throwing away more, too. This forces us to create new ways to get rid of the junk we create. Our landfills and incinerators can’t satisfactorily keep up with demand while also preserving environmental values.

But we have a solution: sustainable junk removal.

Sustainability remains at the core of our business. Here are some of the ways that we do our part to save the environment, one lug at a time.

We Recycle: We care about the environment, so we do our absolute best to recycle everything that we can. Our landfills simply have too much junk in them, especially junk that’s recyclable. The problem is most people don’t know what they can and can’t recycle. They just throw things away instead. But our recycling efforts don’t stop there. We recycle many other items beyond your standard recyclables. We take more complex junk like TVs and appliances to specialty recycling centers. We also take e-waste, which is a growing problem now that technology is advancing faster than ever.

We Repurpose Items: We work tirelessly to recycle or give back. Being a force for good in our communities and for the environment runs deep in our company. Anything that we can recycle gets separated, and we donate or repurpose items that are in good shape. By donating through charity, we’re able to impact our local communities.

We’re Educating People With Our Eco Friendly Junk Removal Service: It’s important to educate our team because they’re the ones who help spread our message. We train each of our employees right from day one. We educate them about which items we donate and which we recycle.

It can be uncomfortable for customers to allow strangers into their home. To ease these concerns, we show customers we are treating their sentimental objects with care. But! we do also offer 10% off curb side pick up. Call us at (604)330-6915 for more information.