6 Fall Cleaning Tips

Fall Cleaning Tips

Now that summer has ended and school is back in session, it’s time to get your house in order before the holidays hit. Since we have to spend more time indoor anyway now that the weather is cooler, why not use this month to do some fall cleaning. Here are some fall cleaning tips:

1. Switch out Clothing

Go through closets and drawers and remove summer clothing. Clean it and store it away for next summer. While you’re doing this process, cull out items that you didn’t wear or that don’t fit any more and put them into the “donate” pile. Get rid of stained, faced or torn clothing.

2. Wash the Windows

You have just enough warm days left to wash the windows left dirty by summer storms. After all, you want to let in as much of that warm winter light as possible.

3. Change out Bedding

Switch the sheets, blankets and comforters from summer weight to winter’s warmth. Bring out the afghans, blankets and pillows that create a cozy nook on a cool fall evening. If you’re buying new items, donate the old ones.

4. Pack Away Summer

The pools are closed, so bring in the pool and yard toys. Begin to winterize other outdoor furnishings, accessories and toys by washing them thoroughly and storing them inside your home or shed. Pack up summertime-use items like your picnic basket, coolers, camping gear, and decorations until next year.

5. Clean the Kitchen

In addition to cleaning up the outdoor grill, take an afternoon to go through your kitchen cabinets. Check foods for expiration dates and rotate through older dates, wipe down cabinets and the inside of the refrigerator and pull out the dishes you’ll be using for holiday entertaining. Refresh the linens as well, changing out summer tablecloths for fall patterns.

6. Donate Excess Items Through 24hr Junk

Once you’ve started fall chores, finish them up. Go room by room so you don’t leave a room half done, and so that the fall cleaning isn’t overwhelming. Collect those items you’ve designated as “donate” into one pile. Then call 24hr Junk. We’ll be glad to pick them up for you and deliver them to one of our charity partners. That way you’ll be helping someone else get ready for fall too.

Then sit back and enjoy your beautiful, clean surroundings by a crackling fire. Ah, fall.

Contact 24hr Junk today to schedule your donation pickup. Don’t forget that we take furniture, household goods, old electronics and almost anything else you want to get rid of. And ask us about our 10% off curb side pickup.