Professional Trash Removal in Vancouver Helps Protect the Environment from Illegal Dumping

Thanks to 24hr Junk in Vancouver, you can do your part to protect the environment. Unfortunately, you can see telltale signs of illegal dumping almost everywhere you go. As you drive along, you see garbage scattered about, unauthorized dump sites in remote areas, and more. Although you did not participate, illegal dumping is both unsightly and harmful to the planet. At some point in time, everyone has littered, thinking that one small item has no adverse effect on the environment. However, with so many people sharing those sentiments, it takes no time for trash to collect. You can keep your home or business tidy and sanitary with a service for 24hr Junk while feeling good about your eco-friendly decision. By looking at some of the ways that illegal dumping harms the environment, you gain a better perspective as to why everyone should do the right thing by not littering or dumping garage. Runoff – During periods of heavy rain, illegal dumping can hamper water’s natural runoff. As a result, water pools in areas, creating a risk for flash flooding, property or land damage, and increased mosquito activity. In fact, in some situations, runoff can contaminate drinking water. Wildlife and Vegetation – Illegal dumping can also harm wildlife and natural vegetation. For instance, any toxins in water consumed by animals can cause severe illness and even death. As for vegetation, illegal dumping can cause plants to die, which destroys a food source for humans and wildlife. Atmosphere – Some household items harm the atmosphere. As an example, mercury found in components of older televisions and chloro-fluoro carbon or tetrafluoroethane or both in freezers and refrigerators can become airborne, thereby polluting the air. Marine – Illegal dumping also causes marine pollution. In this case, any trash burned or improperly disposed of can travel through streams and rivers, eventually reaching the ocean. This can cause fish and marine mammals to become ill or die. Illegal dumping can also put innocent people in danger. A perfect example is children who find old ceiling material that contains asbestos in the bushes of a public park. Innocently, they take the material home to build a fort without any clue of the risk involved. Protecting the Environment At 24hr junk, we can send a team of experts to your home or business to eliminate any potentially dangerous materials. For more information or to get help with your trash or an illegal dumping situation, contact us today. (604)330-6915