Here’s how cities are changing waste collection during COVID-19 pandemic

VANCOUVER — While garbage and green bin collection is continuing during the COVID-19 pandemic across Metro Vancouver, some cities have announced changes to waste collection, and many municipalities are urging residents to avoid spring cleaning to prevent overload of facilities. Vancouver In Vancouver, garbage and green bin collection is continuing on its usual schedule but people are being asked to set their bins out only when full. Any personal waste including things like used tissues, wipes, or face masks must be put in plastic bags and tied securely before being placed in the garbage bin. If anyone in your household is sick, all personal waste should be double bagged. The City of Vancouver says having loose items in garbage bins may prevent waste from being picked up. The city says its recycling and disposal facilities should only be used if absolutely necessary at the moment. The drop-off option for foam packaging and clothing and textiles is currently suspended, as well as the sale of backyard composters and compost at the landfill. Burnaby In Burnaby, recycling and green bin collection is continuing as normal, and the city says plans are in place to make sure that collection, which is considered an essential service, continues to operate. However, it is asking people to dispose of garbage in securely tied bags, and to double bag any personal waste from anyone who may be sick. The city says its Eco-Centre remains open, but is not currently accepting white foam packaging. New Westminster In New Westminster, garbage and recycling pick-up is continuing as scheduled. Richmond Richmond’s regular garbage and recycling pick-up is also continuing. The city has noted an increase in litter in the city, including discarded face masks and gloves. It is reminding people not to litter, and to properly bag garbage to protect city workers, including double bagging any garbage that has come in contact with a sick person. The Richmond Recycling Depot is not accepting foam packaging, like Styrofoam. It is also asking anyone who visits the depot to main physical distancing Only eight to 10 cars are being allowed into the depot at any given time to prevent crowding. If possible, the city is asking people to avoid visiting the recycling depot for the time being. Coquitlam Waste and recycling collection is continuing as normal in Coquitlam. However, the city’s Town Centre Recycling Depot is currently closed. The city has also suspended its large item pick-up and seasonal unlimited yard trimmings programs. Surrey Pickup of garbage, recycling, and organics is continuing as scheduled in Surrey, but the city says as of March 30 crews will only be picking up items contained within carts. Excess items or those left loose or nearby will not be collected. The city says the precautions are being taken to protect workers. It is also reminding people to properly bag trash, and double bag any garbage that may have come in contact with someone who is sick. The city has suspended its large item pick up program. Delta Delta says weekly garbage, recycling and green waste is also continuing as normal, but the city says large or unbagged or loose items will not be collected. It is also reminding residents to properly bag trash, including personal items like gloves and masks.