How 24hr Junk can help your fall yard cleanup

One of the best aspects of the services at 24hr Junk is that we will haul away just about anything our customers are looking to dispose of. That includes yard waste removal, an especially useful service for our clients during the fall season. For you homeowners that decide they can handle the task of their fall yard cleanup, we help with that last step so that when the day is done, there are no worries left about the state of your yard! NO MORE HEAVY LIFTING! Sometimes you can handle every aspect of a yard cleanup yourself, except for the heavy lifting that comes after. This doesn’t mean you need to hire an expensive landscaping service for the whole process if you don’t want to. With 24hr Junk, you won’t have to lift a finger once your yard waste is raked up & bagged. Instead of finding a way to load the bags into your car and then back out for a dump trip, we are happy to come and pick them up for you! Even if you are physically able to lift it, yard waste is probably not something you want in your vehicle. Unless you have a truck, even the most industrial bags have the possibility of leaking into your car’s backseat. Transporting waste in your vehicle can lead to spillage, smells, and even bugs from the outdoor debris getting into your car. When you hire a junk removal service for your yard waste, you can avoid the need for an interior detail cleaning! Are you going the extra mile with your exterior cleanup this year and finally getting rid of that eyesore on your property? If you have materials from an old shed, deck, patio, fencing, & more, we will take that off your hands too. These might be items that you can’t fit into your vehicle or simply can’t lift, like a large branch that has fallen and needs to go. 24hr Junk is happy to remove your yard debris & anything else you are looking to dispose of. Contact us today for your free quote! (604)330-6915