How Did Junk Removal Begin?

Can you imagine a time before trash disposal services? Before this service was available to the public, things weren’t pretty. Picture streets full of garbage and backyards teeming with junk. You can only imagine the offensive smell that arose from streets piled with old junk! Once the industrial revolution became a widespread phenomenon in the 1800s, the production of materials increased around the world. This resulted in widespread waste issues—suddenly, we had a lot more garbage, but no system in place to manage it. On top of that, populations were growing at a faster rate than ever. Since this was a new phenomenon, there were no regulations about how a citizen should get rid of their junk. Cities were full of garbage and people were unhappy. Public health became a concerning issue as conditions were increasingly unsanitary. Rodents were plentiful since they had ample trash to feast on, and with them came diseases like Hantavirus and Salmonella. Over time, higher standards for junk removal were developed in response to those problems. These days, garbage collection is a regulated and mandated practice. Every week, trash is picked up from blue and black bins on residential streets. We have recycling plants where materials are processed and reused, as well as landfills where waste is disposed of. Many people have even started composting, which uses organic food waste and turns it into fertilizer. There are also stricter penalties for failing to dispose of waste properly—homeowners face fines if they allow junk to accumulate outside their properties. Businesses, like 24hr Junk, saw that homeowners and commercial property owners needed a helping hand in getting rid of their junk. As such, the company was founded based on a commitment to provide a much-needed service and dispose of waste materials responsibly. No job is too big or too small for the Junk team! Call (604)330-6915 and ask about our 10% off curb side pick up.