How Do I Measure The Junk I Want to Get Rid Of?

How To Measure Your Junk

Junk removal companies charge by volume. How are you supposed to know how much you have?

24hr Junk charges by volume.  Simply put, we charge you for how much room your stuff takes up in our trucks. The only exception to this rule occurs when we pick up individual items which are special circumstances.  In those instances, we may factor in weight and size. However, let’s assume you have general household or construction debris to be removed from a home or easily navigable apartment building.

So to determine your costs, the most important thing to figure out is how much junk you actually have.  The answer is, we don’t know exactly. Occasionally, we’re able to make an educated guess over the phone based on your description, but the only way for us to give you an exact quote is to see everything that needs to be removed. This is why 24hr Junk offers free estimates. Having said that, below is some information that might help give you a better understanding of how much volume you have:

This should help you visualize how to measure your junk. When comparing prices, you are getting competitive prices. Call 24hr Junk and our team will give you an on-the-phone estimate. Also, ask us about our 10% off curb side pick up. (604)330-6915