How To Prepare For An Estate Sale

Estate sales often take place after a tragic event, and the entire process can be overwhelming. Learn how you can prepare for estate sales and who you can contact to help. Hire Help- Estate Planner: There are people who specialize in the process of selling off the estate. The planner helps you arrange packing, storage, and shipping, which can be particularly helpful during an emotional experience dealing with a loved one’s passing. They also assist with inventory, choosing an estate company, and with the rest of the estate sale process. Estate Sale Company: With so many moving parts, it’s essential to have an experienced team helping you sell. An estate sale company is contracted to manage the logistics of the sale. They set the time and date, the appraisals, the marketing, and other tasks you might not be familiar with. Inventory Everything- Create a list of the home’s contents, including the home, garage, yard, and their contents. Some valuable items include: Cars, Furniture, Artwork, Jewelry, Paperwork, including banking papers, deeds, bonds, stocks, insurance papers, and other financial/investment documents. Put aside the items you don’t want and that can be sold and take a thorough inventory. Then, set aside the items you want (valuable and/or sentimental items). Many opt to sell off every item to an auction house to expedite the process. If you go this route, the auction house is paid a percentage of the total sale, which saves you from a hefty bill. Not everything is going to be sold, so do you know what to do with the items left over? Call the team at 24hr Junk! So you know the unwanted things will be properly handled and won’t just end up in a landfill. Call us at (604)330-6915 10% off curtsied pickup.