Am I A Hoarder?

How To Spot A Hoarder

Any person can become disorganized at least to a certain extent depending on their lifestyle. However, there is a clear difference between being unorganized and being a hoarder. Hoarding is serious and should be addressed as soon as possible. Usually, hoarders collect excessive amounts of stuff (sometimes of a particular category) and may live in unhealthy surroundings. Parallel to the medical treatments, it may be necessary for family members to enlist the assistance of a junk removal service to address the untidiness. Here is how to spot a hoarder.

A room or a section of the house becomes unusable – Although clutter is an ordinary thing, hoarding is not. A home of a hoarder is clearly distinguishable from an average house. The home or sections of the hoarder’s home will be full of objects (usable and unusable); the furniture will be used to place collected objects on them making them unavailable for regular use. By the time a junk removal service arrives, the floor of the home will be full of objects leaving only narrow paths to go from place to place.

Objects are stored in a disorganized manner – Although most collectors know where their stuff is, hoarders don’t. Hoarders will just acquire stuff in a random manner. There is no organization to classify the objects they attain and no system to find items when wanted or needed. Stuff is just piled or stacked as it is brought into the living space and is usually forgotten.

Items don’t have any monetary value – Virtually, all hoarders collect items that are no longer useful to anybody. Old clothes, shoes, papers, containers, plastic bottles, cups, etc. Hoarders rationalize that somebody somewhere could use the items sometime in the future. Some even keep broken appliances saying that they will fix them on a day that never comes.

The home becomes unhealthy and unpleasant – In general, hoarders don’t pay attention to their health; over time, as the items stack up, pests, dust, and mould can invade the home. The longer the house remains uncleaned, the more unhealthy it becomes.

When addressed properly, hoarding disorder can be cured effectively. However, to get rid of the stuff collected, it may be necessary to hire a professional junk removal service.

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