Junk Surprises From Tenants To Landlords

If you’re a landlord, you might’ve had to deal with tenant abandonment before. In short, this means your tenant has picked up and left overnight without notice, or has given you very little notice. Not only can this leave you in a financial bind, but it can also leave a mess behind – meaning you’ll need help from 24hr Junk. There can be a number of reasons why a tenant might do this. Perhaps they took a job out of town and needed to start quickly. Perhaps there’s a personal situation such as a breakup. Or more simply, they can’t afford to pay the rent anymore. Dealing With Large Leftover Items: Whatever the case, suddenly you’re scrambling to pay expenses and to find a new tenant. Meanwhile, there are a bunch of items in the space that need to go within a specified amount of time. If the tenants haven’t taken all their belongings with them, you’ll want to turn to junk removal companies that can clear out the premises quickly and efficiently. Before you start the process, make sure the property is truly abandoned. If there is still a number of belongings left behind, especially if they hold some value, you will want to call or issue a letter to the tenant to establish if they intend to return. In some cases, they might leave a note, but there are many situations where they clear out overnight without a warning. While they may have grabbed some smaller and lighter items with them that they’ll need, you then have to deal with abandoned furniture and maybe even a bed/mattress. The easiest way to deal with this and ensure it is recycled or donated when possible is through 24hr Junk. Protect Yourself By Knowing The Rules: The rules for how to prove tenant abandonment may differ depending on your jurisdiction. But generally, you have to establish with a tribunal board that the unit has been abandoned, or wait a specified amount of time before looking up a junk removal company near me to remove the leftover junk. There could be methods to recover some of the rent owing, such as selling some of the belongings. Again, you will want to determine the legal way to do this depending on where you’re located. (For example, the tenant may legally be allowed to claim the proceeds from selling items for a certain amount of time.) If you’re a landlord in a tenant abandonment situation, learn more about how a 24hr Junk can lessen the burden from (604)330-6915, and save 10% with curbside pickup.