Why Making Mistakes is Good for Business

Mistakes in Junk Removal

One of the things we’ve always taken tremendous pride in is being a thought leader in our industry. We may not be the most profitable company on the planet and we’re certainly not the biggest, but we’re plain stubborn when it comes to our values and principles. We know what we stand for and it’s hard for that to be influenced — especially as it relates to the client service experience.

We’re the first to admit that this stubborn posture often gets us into trouble! We’ve done nearly everything the hard way once, making mistakes in junk removal, rather than copying somebody else who has already found an easier alternative. The result of this is slower (sometimes painful) growth.

However, there is a silver lining to this ideology. The pain you experience from your mistakes often creates a much greater appreciation and understanding for why you shouldn’t make those mistakes in the future. Pain breeds innovation. It creates your “why” behind your processes and procedures. The more your team understands your why, the less you’ll need to manage your what. Managing the why is easy. Managing the what reduces your team to a bunch of uncreative “rule followers.” Where’s the job satisfaction in that?

It’s for this reason, that we relish opportunities to learn from our mistakes. As twisted as it sounds, we almost look forward to these conversations. After all, if team members within our organizations are making decisions with our values in mind, then it’s unlikely that they’re making the wrong decisions.

We sometimes hear that our clients are surprised when they find out 24hr Junk is locally owned and operated. They think we’re much larger than we are. No, in fact, we’re a small business covering just Vancouver & The greater Vancouver area. We worked hard during the pandemic to make sure that we kept our employees working and our customers satisfied, and your support helped us survive.