Frequently Asked Questions About Junk Removal

Most Common Junk Removal Questions

Let’s face it, accumulating unwanted junk is never a good idea. However, while trying to find and outsource a cost-effective junk removal service, clients often have a ton of questions but find answers difficult to come by. To ensure you have all your doubts cleared, 24hr Junk is answering some of the most common junk removal questions.

  1. What does 24hr Junk do? 24hr Junk provides full-service junk removal services, including demolition, and renovation. We help you reclaim your space by eliminating anything you tell us to remove.
  2. What does 24hr Junk remove? 24hr Junk can reclaim space anywhere on your property. Our services range from making an old couch or fridge in your basement disappear to removing construction debris or regular garbage pick up.
  3. Can you help me with my construction business? We can help construction professionals and home flippers by quickly and efficiently removing debris or materials, keeping your job site on schedule and allowing you to focus on what you get paid to do.
  4. What do you do with the junk? 24hr Junk strives to recycle as much as possible. We take metals, electronics, books and paper, and other recyclables to locations that are separate from normal junk.
  5. How do you determine pricing? Our pricing depends on the volume of the items you want to be removed. Our services are priced based on truck space your items occupy; it could be 1/8th, 1/4th, half a truck load, full truck, etc. However we also pick up individual items such as mattresses and box springs priced based on the items itself.
  6. How big is your truck? The 24hr Junk truck is a 3 ton truck. We can handle multiple bedrooms of furniture, an entire garage of junk, or multiple tonnes of concrete.
  7. What are your service locations? 24hr Junk is known to service the Vancouver and Greater Vancouver area. But! we have recently expanded our services further out to places such as Squamish, and Whistler.

If you have any more questions about junk removal, get in touch with the professionals at 24hr Junk. We are a, full-service junk removal company in Vancouver that ensures your junk is recycled, donated, or disposed of properly. To learn more about how we can help you, click here or contact us by calling (604)330-6915. Ask us about our 10% off curb side pick up.