Why Property Managers Need 24hr Junk

Rental Property Junk Removal

Property managers have the unique challenge of making sure their rental apartments, townhouses, condos and single-family homes are consistently occupied, a task exacerbated when a relocating tenant leaves a mess behind.

When they move, most tenants take their belongings with them, leaving an easier job of preparing the unit for the next tenants.

But in some cases, tenants leave behind furniture, electronics, mattresses, and large amounts of junk and trash. And it’s not the property manager’s job to remove these items themselves.

Evictions lead to further problems, with some disgruntled tenants designing to create problems for the property management team by creating a mess.

Property Managers Make One Call to 24hr Junk for Rental Clean-out

That is why property management teams turn to 24hr Junk for junk removal service. With one call, our professional crew will arrive with one (or more) large dump truck(s) and perform a complete clean-out of the rental property, taking great care to protect the property as we work. Most jobs can be completed within one day, leaving a clean slate to prepare for the next tenants.

Avoid Injuries by Letting 24hr Junk Do the Heavy Lifting

Property managers should not be taking on this task on their own, for safety’s sake, if nothing else. Our crew is trained in the best techniques to safely lift and transport heavy objects, and in how to protect themselves and the environment from biohazards and other hazardous materials that might be on site.

24hr Junk will haul away appliances, furniture, clothing, household goods, and even construction debris, dealing with everything in our eco-friendly manner of repurpose-recycle-dispose. We repurpose perfectly good items back into the community through our charitable partners, delivery recyclable items to the local recycling center, and only then deliver the remainder to the landfill. The only things we cannot transport are hazardous materials.

As long as your rental property sits vacant, you are losing money. Trust 24hr Junk to help you make a quick turnaround for rental properties located in Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver area. Call us today at (604)330-6915 and ask about our seniors and veterans discount.