Safety Standards to Follow During Furniture Removal (24hr Junk)

Furniture removal may seem straightforward, but in reality, the job needs to get done correctly. Otherwise, taking items off a property could pose various risks. For that reason alone, you would benefit greatly from professional furniture removal services. Whether you plan to replace old furniture pieces with new ones, have evicted tenants who left a lot of things behind, or had a relative pass away and now you have couches, chairs, a dining room table, bedroom set, and a host of other items to deal with, you need professional assistance. Not only will an experienced team get the work done quickly and efficiently, but it will also be in line with strict safety standards established by the company. For bed, table, chair, and couch removal, a highly-trained team will come to the property, assess the items, and then devise a safe plan for getting everything removed. Because furniture removal services vary from one company to the next, it is essential that you hire one with a history of excellence. Lifting – When dealing with heavy pieces of furniture, a professional team uses a safe lift process. Therefore, there is no risk of someone sustaining a back injury. If someone gets hurt lifting items, that puts the team a man down, which means the job would take longer than anticipated. If you need furniture removed fast, make sure you hire a company that provides its workers with the right training Property Damage – Improper removal of furniture could also damage your property. For instance, something dropped on your ceramic foyer floor would cause significant damage. Even your walls or doorways could experience damage if the workers roughly handle pieces as they make their way outside. Protruding Items – As mentioned, a team from a reputable company will assess each piece of furniture before handling it to identify any protruding nails and screws. By doing so, they can either remove the objects or avoid them while getting the piece to their truck. The same goes for any broken or splintered pieces of wood. Fire Hazard – With older furniture, many materials could pose a fire hazard. As experts, the team would know if such a risk exists and, thereby, avoid any open flames. For any scenario, our team at 24hr Junk follows all company safety standards. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless service at a competitive price. For more information, call (604)330-6915 or follow our social media.