Quick Thinking Saves Child From Being Run Over

Sanitation Worker Saves Child

A sanitation worker saves child with quick thinking. He saved a boy from being run over by a vehicle. The dramatic footage, which was captured on a home security camera, features the little boy waiting for a garbage truck to pass so he can cross the street. However, he is unable to see the approaching vehicle on the other side and is about to be run over when the sanitation worker pulls him back to safety.

The incident, which took place in Rolândia, Brazil, happened after the child’s grandfather accidentally left the gate open and the little boy named Lucas stepped out onto the street. Fortunately, the garbage truck employee pulled him from his shirt in the nick of time, preventing him from being run over.

Since being shared online, the video has gone viral on several social media platforms with many, including former basketball player Rex Chapman, sharing it. “If you’ve already seen a sanitation worker save a little boy’s life today just keep on scrolling,” wrote Chapman while sharing the viral clip.

Interestingly, post the incident, the little boy and his family met the “hero” Kelvin Jonathan dos Santos and thanked him for saving the boy. The clip shared by Chapman garnered over 1 million views and was flooded with netizens praising the man.

“He saved the boy’s life. And saved the other driver from a lifetime of regret! It wouldn’t have been the driver’s fault, but the guilt would still be there. The man is an absolute hero!!!” read one of the many comments on the viral clip.