Site Cleanup Leave it to the Pros (24hr Junk)

A bit of hammering and construction here and there can give your home an entirely new look and boost its visual appeal. But how would you deal with all the mess—dirt, debris, stones, wiring, and whatnot—that’s left on your property after the technicians leave? You cannot even clean it yourself because it can lead to injuries and exposure to toxic substances, such as silica, lead, and asbestos. But there’s good news: there are a few waste management companies that offer top-quality clean up services for homeowners. Yes, it won’t come for free, but hiring professionals for your site cleanup will be worth every penny. This goes without saying. Hiring 24hr Junk saves you from worrying about the appearance of your property. You can be rest assured that we will deal with every piece of waste in an efficient and eco-friendly manner. Our team will be well-versed with advanced cleaning techniques and usage of modern equipment, which will enable us to finish our job within a day or less, depending on the mess and size of the area that needs to be cleaned. 24hr Junk makes sure that every technician and member on our team is aware of the safety standards and regulations. Post-construction site cleaning is as complex as construction itself. Someone who’s inexperienced won’t know what they might come across during the cleanup process. Underneath all the dirt and debris, there could be hidden hazards such as nails, sharp wires, broken mirrors and pieces of glass. Only experienced professionals can perform the job safely without causing any damage to the property or themselves. Construction waste cannot be dealt in a similar manner as regular waste. You can’t just throw it away in the trash or take it to a landfill to dump. It’s heavy, dangerous, and requires to be disposed off in a proper manner that complies with safety regulations. You can even be legally fined if you attempt to dump such hefty construction waste on your own. To keep yourself out of trouble and unnecessary hassle, it’s better to let the professional deal with your messed up site. Get in touch with 24hr Junk for a sparkling property. We offer secure, guaranteed, and timely site cleanup, as well as a variety of other waste management and demolition services for both commercial and residential clients. Learn about our pricing and call us at (604)330-6915 for more information.