Spring Cleaning by the Room

Spring Cleaning by the Room

The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and the air is fresher – it’s spring! The season begs us to make a new start as we see the emergence of life in our parks, gardens, and yards. Spring cleaning is kind of like the re-birth of your home. Nevertheless, we can all get a little overwhelmed at the prospect of spring cleaning – especially if there is a major declutter in our future.

This is why the 24 Hour Junk team encourages you to take it one room at a time. Each of our clients is sure to have their own priorities, but considering spring cleaning by the room will help you be systematic and thorough in your spring cleaning. And 24 Hour Junk is here to help. Let’s take an alphabetic look at the rooms!


We keep a lot of stuff in the bathroom – I’ve often been surprised to find random items that have lived for years in the back of my bathroom cabinet. Clear bathroom shelves and cabinets and thoroughly clean all their surfaces. Next separate items that you want to keep from items you don’t use anymore. If it’s collecting dust – get rid of it.


Your bedroom is probably the second most likely space where you can purge a lot of items. Old clothes, shoes, and accessories have a tendency to pile up in our bedrooms. On the other hand, your bedroom should be a place that makes you feel relaxed and where you go to get refreshed. When you’re spring cleaning in your bedroom, you want to go through all the items in your closet and drawers. Take the opportunity to wipe surfaces down here as well. Sort through your clothes and store seasonal items you intend to wear again, but get rid of anything you haven’t worn recently or regularly.

Consider what you want to do with your bedroom furniture as well. Make sure to move things around so you can vacuum and clean floors around the furniture. Turn your mattress if it’s appropriate, but also consider whether it’s time to get a new bed. Since you’re spring cleaning and you’ll likely have a number of items to dispose of, it makes sense to remove old mattresses at this time of year.


Here’s the single most commonly abused space in homes when it comes to junk collection. Homeowners often want to tackle their garage last because there can be so much to organize before it gets removed. And yet, this can also be one of the most satisfying spaces to get in order. Obviously, you may store seasonal items in your garage, but you likely have items that have been inhabiting the space for far too long. Remember to take an objective approach to organize your garage but also that even if something is no longer useful to you, it may not be junk to everybody. Recycling or donating old items lurking in the garage helps to reduce your environmental impact.


Spring is a great time to do an annual overhaul of the kitchen. You definitely want to empty your cupboards, drawers, refrigerator, and freezer to give these areas a thorough cleaning; but you can also remove old items including appliances, dishes, and even food items. Next, clear your counters (and the

top of the fridge!) and clean walls, backsplashes, and all the surfaces of your kitchen. When you’re decluttering, remember to separate the junk to make space in your kitchen.

Spring cleaning is a big job but offers huge rewards. There’s nothing like coming home to a fresh, clean, and organized space. At 24 Hour Junk, we’re poised to support your spring cleaning efforts by removing your junk. Plus, we go the extra mile by ensuring that items are disposed of appropriately – sometimes that’s at the landfill, but often we deliver items to thrift shops and recycling depots as well.