Tips for Environment-Friendly Junk Removal

There are many reasons you may consider working with professional junk removal services such as the 24-Hour Junk Team. We have extensive experience with a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial junk removal projects and we know what it takes to dispose of trash in the most environmentally conscious methods possible. Whether you plan to hire professionals or remove your own junk, it’s important to understand tips and tricks for efficient and eco-friendly disposal.

Our tips for environmentally friendly junk removal will help to ensure your clean-up is managed sustainably.

Construction and Renovation Waste

  1. Concrete, mixed rubble, wood, drywall, and other building materials must be removed according to specific guidelines. During construction and demolition, there is certain to be waste – but what are some of the principles for construction and renovation waste removal?
  2. Asphalt shingles should be recycled rather than deposited in landfill. There are many after-market applications of asphalt including road-repair and even roofing.
  3. Concrete and rubble are common byproducts of construction and renovation projects. This type of waste is most often recycled so it can be applied in other settings. For example, it may be used to make gravel or roads.
  4. Drywall must be recycled, and it is best to keep your drywall waste dry to prevent the release of toxic odors.
  5. Wood waste is also most often recycled. Depending on the type of wood, there may also be a market to use the wood for furniture building or other hobby projects.
  6. Plastic waste needs to be sorted according to type so that it can be properly recycled. Soft and firm plastics are typically separated, but there may even be more specific classifications for plastic recycling. Firmer products are usually labeled with a “recycling number” and may or may not be recyclable in your geographic region.

As you can see, most types of construction and renovation waste can and should be recycled. Knowing how to properly sort all types of rubbish is our expertise at 24 Hour Junk. We can make your waste removal project fast, efficient, and affordable while ensuring to apply all these tips for environmentally friendly removal of construction and renovation waste.

Household Waste

Many of the principles of construction waste removal mentioned above will obviously apply to household waste removal. From an eco-conscious perspective, waste removal should always follow the 3 “Rs:” reduce, reuse, recycle. When it comes to the first two principles (reduce and reuse), the 24 Hour Junk Team can help. Part of our mission is to ensure that all “junk” is organized appropriately so that items that can be are indeed reused which ultimately reduces unnecessary production of more future waste. From clothing and toys to appliances and electronics, here are some tips for environmentally friendly household waste removal.

  • Sorting recyclables is an important step in minimizing your environmental impact. Bottles, cans, plastics, and many other household items are easily recycled – you likely have local programs.
  • Composting food items reduces our reliance on landfills.
  • Household and personal items including clothing, toys, and kitchen supplies can often be donated for second-hand use. Likewise, working appliances and electronics can easily find a second home.

As you can probably tell, one of the fundamental principles of environmentally friendly junk removal is organizing your waste so it can be disposed of appropriately. Hopefully, these tips will help you enact your values around environmentalism; and remember, you can trust the 24 Hour Junk Team to take a green approach to your junk removal.