Why To Get Rid of Old Mattress and How Junk Removal Can Help

Your bed mattress is one of most treasured assets – after all, you spend 8-hours or more on it a day, and you rely on it to help you feel ready and refreshed every morning. However, inevitably there comes a time when the mattress loses its original benefits, and when that happens it’s time to look up mattress removal with 24hr Junk. There are a number of reasons why you’ll need to toss out your existing mattress with the help of a company that specializes in mattress removal. For example, it could just be a matter of how long you’ve owned it. If it’s about 8-years or more, then chances are it has lost some of the support it originally had, meaning it’s time to let go. You’ll know if it has lost support if it’s visibly sagging in the middle (there’s only so many times you can flip your mattress!). You may also regularly wake up with aches and pains, specifically a sore back, and feel less than well-rested in the morning, which could be linked to the condition of the mattress. Other signs that your mattress needs to go is creaking noises when you lay down on it, or annoying noises when you toss and turn that can keep you or your partner up. Another sign is feeling congested in the morning from the accumulation of dust mites that can trigger allergies. Mattresses are heavy and can be awkward, especially around corners and downstairs. Companies experienced with mattress disposal can make quick work of the job, without causing any damage to your other belongings in the meantime. An experienced company can also haul away the mattress on your behalf to the proper local facility. In the meantime, you can start searching for a new mattress that will serve you for the next 8-years or so! Learn more about mattress removal and more from 24hr Junk at (604)330-6915, which is offering 10% off curb-side pickups to combat COVID-19.