Yard Sale: Six Tips to Help It Go Smoothly

Yard Sale Tips

Has a recent basement clean out or garage organization project shone the light on how much stuff you don’t need anymore? While you can find places to donate and recycle items that don’t need to go out in the trash, you can make some cash off them instead by hosting a yard sale! Read these tips to help you get started.

  • Offer only gently used items. Don’t treat the garage sale as a way to make money off your trash. Clothing with holes, toys with missing pieces, and coffee-stained mugs aren’t suitable for sale. If a browser comes to check out your sale, these items will make it look like you didn’t take care of the rest of the things you have for sale. Instead, off gently used clothing, toys that have been cleaned first, and cookware that isn’t scratched from years of use.
  • Get the neighbors involved. The more people involved, the better! There are some avid garage sale attendees who look for the best opportunities. Being able to stop by multiple “shops” in one trip is a major bonus.
  • Utilize marketing. Post on social media, add your address to yard sale sites, and put out signs nearby. You can either make your own sign or see what your local home improvement store offers.
  • Price accordingly. You may have paid hundreds of dollars for your bed frame, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth nearly that much anymore. A yard sale isn’t so much about recouping your costs as it is for making a few bucks on things you don’t need anymore and not having to take care of donating, throwing away, or recycling on your own. Price fairly and be prepared for hagglers.
  • Have cash for change handy. Don’t expect someone to simply hand over a $5 bill for something listed for $3. Having a variety of bills handy gives you more bargaining power so you can offer the right amount of change without having to adjust your pricing.
  • Call 24hr Junk. Not everything will be sold at your yard sale, and you’ll need to figure out what to do with the items left over. Simply call 24hr Junk, and we’ll handle it all! We responsibly donate and recycle 60% to 80% of the items we haul so you can feel good about where your items are going now. Call us today at (604)330-6915 to schedule a pickup.